Peanut Sheller Machine

This manual peanut sheller machine is used to remove peanuts from their shell it is very light weighted and easy to use machine with least maintenance cost and also can be used for commercial purpose

Operation Mode



150-200 kg/hr

Power Required

2 hp single phase

Shelling Rate



Removing peanut shell

Sugarcane Juicers

Sugar cane juicer machine made from Food grade stainless steel this is a heavy ONE pass sugarcane juicer machine no need to put sugarcane two or three times very portable machine easy to install and operate


TT 1.513R (150)E

Motor Rating

3 hp (single phase)

No. of Roller

3 Numbers

Crushing Capacity

110-125 kg/hr

Max Power

3 hp

Roller Length

150 mm


350-500 kg


15 rpm


All stainless steel with table top

Corn Flattening/Flakes Machine

Corn flakes processing machinery is a set of flexible configuration, simple operation, fully automated production line. It adopts advanced twin screw extrusion technology, bringing a new taste to the public tongue. The production line uses corn flour as raw material, which is made of crispy flakes by mixing, puffing, pressing, drying, high-temperature baking, puffing, sugar coating, drying and cooling. The size and thickness of cornflakes can be perfectly controlled by adjusting the machine mold and parameters. At the same time, the corn flakes processing line can also produce a variety of breakfast cereals and puffed food, realizing a multi-purpose machine.