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Our Solutions

 Mechanization at Small Scale

Tiller for Vegetable / Horticulture

Easy solution for cultivation, weeding, ridging, potato digging.

Tiller for Wet Cultivation / Paddy

A heavy duty, convertible tiller for ploughing, tilling and ridging.

Weeder for Row crops

Weeding or maintaining different type of soils: green space, market gardening, fruit production, vine, etc. 

Wheeled Brush cutter for Forestry

Efficiently eliminates tall grasses and scrubs on every type of terrain, like meadows.

Snow Removal for Mountain terrain

Resistant, reliable and efficient snow throwers for comfortably clearing your terrain from snow.

I am very happy with PUBERT ARO PRO. We used this machines in our fields as well as rented it out to others. It has run for around 800 hours in the last one year.”

Sonam Palden

Farmer, Thimphu

Recent Demonstrations

Founded in 1840

Pubert is a family company from Vendée, its story began in 1840. At that time, the company was producing agrarian plows. In 1960, the company started to develop some garden maintenance accessories and produced its first tiller in 1976. In 1987, to prove the tiller’s quality, Jean-Pierre Pubert (current C.E.O) made a 24 hours non-stop ploughing world record, which is mentioned in the Guinness Book.

The company grew and in 2007 became the first worldwide tiller producer, but it produced wheeled brush cutters too. The company later continued its diversification by buying the companies Kiva and Roques & Lecoeur and added in its production scarifies and branches shredders. A range of innovative, comfortable and efficient snow throwers was launched in 2014.

Why choose us?

Pubert remains one among the most trusted company due to its relentless urge to developed new technologies to produce machines constantly more efficient, user-friendly, and resistant for an attractive price. In this way Pubert created the first tiller with a pneumatic clutch, for an incomparable comfort of use. In 2009, it created the first electric battery tiller and the first variable speed tiller in 2012. This know-how and this innovation capacity lies in the quality of the staff running our company from Vendée, in France.

Why trust our technology

The company spends an important part of its turnover for the research and development of new technologies. Each year, it drops new patents, brands and products. It allows to anticipate the variations of the market and still sells “Made in France” products in adequacy. The components of the Pubert’s machines are submitted to a precise analysis. The objective is to improve constantly the ratio performance/production price.

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